Lynette’s interest in yoga began when she was 9 years old. Her big brother invited
her to choose any book in the bookstore, and she chose one on yoga and another on humor. After an extended hiatus, with experimentation in many body movement forms, she began her studies with Barbara Linderman in 1979. Those studies are ongoing and she has enjoyed classes with many teachers in Ann Arbor, as well as traveling to workshops throughout the country. At Michigan Heart and Vascular, Lynette joined others in developing a mindfulness-based wellness program. She has done extensive training in personal and spiritual development in the Enneagram Teachings in the Narrative Tradition. Having completed certification in Relax and Renew, she continues the study of yoga therapeutics with Judith Lasater. She is also a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.Lynette has been teaching yoga classes since 1985. Her instructional style focuses on postural alignment, breath awareness, yoga philosophy, meditation, and laughter.
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