Yoga 1-2

— This is a popular level for students who have gained some familiarity with the poses. Many students who have taken a hiatus from yoga return to this level. Some students who are fit and/or athletic, and have a schedule conflict with the Level 1 class, may start yoga at this level. Many students who move from Level 1 into Level 1-2 stay there, satisfied with the variety of postures and emphasis on strength and stability. Sun Salutations are regularly practiced, along with other posture flows. More challenging balance poses are introduced as students start to expand their yoga repertoire, while still in an appropriately paced and supportive atmosphere.

Iyengar Level 1-2 is appropriate for students with some familiarity of poses.  The Iyengar practice focuses on alignment and clarity of action.  This class is ideal for those wishing to deepen their understanding of basic postures as well as begin to forge ahead into more challenging balances, backbends and inversions.  This class will often offer multiple appropriate variations of a posture so that all the students can gain understanding about the same action but in whatever version of the pose is most appropriate for them.  This class will provide a supportive and informative environment that encourages you to explore and deepen your current practice and challenges you to grow!

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