At Inward Bound we link deliberate movement with conscious breathing. This takes energy and concentration, effort and release, and it’s easier to do when distractions are minimized. Practicing yoga is difficult when thinking “Will my car get towed?” or “How’s my outfit?” or “What did I do with my wallet?”

With this in mind, here are some guidelines to make our yoga experience safe, enjoyable, and focused.

PARKING: Park directly behind the entrance to the Friends Center, or in the angle parking behind the adjoining building. Please do not park in the Handicapped Parking. Also, do not park anywhere else in the alley; YOU WILL GET TOWED! Parking spaces can be found on the streets surrounding the Friends Center.

VALUABLES: Purses, wallets, and other valuables should be brought into the yoga room and kept in the coat area or on the back counter. No valuables in the entryway or kitchen, please!

SHOES: Please remove shoes before entering the yoga room. You may leave shoes in the kitchen or at the edges of the entryway.

EATING: You will enjoy your yoga class more if you refrain from eating immediately beforehand. If needed, eat lightly 2-3 hours before class.

ATTIRE: Wear anything in which you can move comfortably. Sweats/shorts/leggings and a T-shirt are fine. Bare feet are a must to avoid slipping. No strongly scented hygiene products or perfume, please.

CELL PHONES AND PAGERS: Please remember to turn off cell phones and pagers before class. Also, unless it is an emergency, please refrain from cell phone use in the foyer before or after class.

PROPS: Inward Bound provides all props. For hygienic reasons, you may want to use your own mat. Please be sure your mat has a non-slip surface.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Please complete make-ups within the session for which you are registered. You may make up a class with any teacher of an appropriate level; this includes drop-in classes.

DROP-INS: Inward Bound offers many drop-in classes that do not require advance registration. Fees vary. If you would like to drop in to a Sign-up class, the fee is $15.00/class.

REFUNDS: Sorry, no refunds after the second week of classes.

HEALTH CONCERNS: If you are recovering from an injury, have had a recent change in your physical condition, are under a doctor’s care, or have ongoing health concerns, please inform your yoga instructor. Any time you move the body in new ways, the possibility for injury exists, so be sure to work carefully, use modifications, ask for assistance, and refrain from doing a pose if it causes strain. Learning to listen to the body is an important part of the yoga experience.

The Inward Bound Yoga Instructors

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