All yoga classes are offered via Zoom.

Email a teacher to join class. 

Martha Laatsch – marthalaatsch@gmail.com – Monday evenings
Lynette Smith – lynettes@umich.edu – Tuesday mornings
Jim MacBain – jmacbain@umich.edu – Wednesday mornings
Julie Woodward – juliewhyzy@gmail.com – Thursday evenings
Roddy Wares – roddywares@gmail.com – Friday mornings


Friends Mtg House at 1420 Hill Street is presently closed to the public



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Michelle O'Grady

    May all be healthy, happy, and peaceful!
    Thank you, wonderful teachers.

  2. jtyman

    Curious about Samādhi? Check out Ajahn Sucitto’s reflection:


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